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Privacy Policy

LONGRUN PLANNING Corporation implements measures to protect personal privacy and information through the establishment of regulations.
  1. We collect Personal Information only with regard to our business activities by legal and fair means. We take measures to prevent use of personal information beyond the purpose without permission in person.
  2. We comply to lows dealing with Personal Information, guideline, and other norms of Japan.
  3. We take all necessary and appropriate measures including the supervision of employees to ensure that Personal Information we handle is safely managed and is not leaked, lost or damaged.
  4. We continuously review and change our measures to protect Personal Information.

(Contact Information)
    25 Fukuromachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0828 JAPAN
    LONGRUN PLANNING Corp. Chief Privacy Officer Kenta Nakamura
    LONGRUN PLANNING Corp. CEO Hirotaka Kurematsu

How we use Personal Information

Your privacy concerns are important to us. The following discloses our Information-gathering and usage policy.

1. Principles
    This Privacy Policy is designed to inform you about our privacy principles and its policy regarding use data.
    We make efforts to protect Personal Information, improve overall Information security, educate officers and employees including part-timer.
    We only obtain Personal Information by legal and fair means.
    You can choose not to provide us Personal Information When you use our service. However, then you may not be able to use the features of our service.

2. Personal Information we collect
  1. We may collect Personal Information of customers, to provide service at "Tickets Today".
  2. We may collect Personal Information you voluntary provide us for purpose of inquiry.
  3. 4. Other than that, the purpose and the contact is shown clearly before obtaining Personal Information.

3. How we use Personal Information
  1. To fulfill customer's request, for providing after-sale services, sending e-mail to keep posted on our latest announcement.
  2. To reply inquiry about our service.
  3. Other than that, the purpose and the contact is shown clearly before obtaining Personal Information. We shall not use Personal Information beyond the purpose.

4. How we share Personal Information
    We do not disclose or share any Personal Information with third parties, except cases described below:
  1. with consent of each individual in advance
  2. on the basis striped off Personal identifiers
  3. In case subcontract companies that help us to operate our business.
    In this case, we choose contractors that have satisfying privacy policy, as well as, we exercise appropriate management by contract.
  4. To protect and defend your or others life and safety, in addition, when it is hard to obtain one's consent.
  5. It is deemed required under law or regulation

5. Protection of Personal Information
  1. We take safety measures and corrective actions to protect the loss, misuse and alternation of the information. However, users also take risk since the perfect measure does not exist to prevent illegal access.
  2. We take employee training to protect Personal Information.
  3. Collecting Personal Information on the internet
    【encryption、EOur site are secured using encryption technology (SSL) to keep your Personal Information safe.
    【External Link】 We may provide links to various third-party Websites. However, we exercises no control over linked site's privacy policy.

6. Child under the age of 16
    We take utmost care when we deal with Personal Information of the customer under age of 16.  Customer under age of 16 are required to register membership with custodial consent.

LONGRUN PLANNING Corp. Chief Privacy Officer Kenta Nakamura