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" Kiiroi Sakebi " produced by Tom project


2019/3/20/ (Wed) 〜2019/3/26 (Tue)


Shinjuku(SPACE ZERO)

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Detail ○Synopsis
In a public hall in a rural area.
Members of a young men's association have gathered at the meeting for a festival.
A typhoon is approaching and the rain is getting stronger.
Subject went from the festival to the disaster countermeasures, the meeting got complicated.
Natural disasters and human disasters, urban areas and depopulated areas, various problems emerged.
Eventually, the meeting ended and people disbanded, just then landslides occurred in the vicinity.
Roads were blocked completely and a public hall caught in an isolated state.
And one person was caught in a landslide and was brought to the public hall covered with blood... ...

Akihito Nakatsuru who wrote and directed this performance is a president of a theatrical company, TRASHMASTERS.
He digs into various problems hidden in contemporary society, continues to publish numerous works using dynamic playwriting and directing that attracts viewers by future-oriented imagination.
This performance was presented in April 2011. The East Japan great earthquake happens during the writing process before the performance started running.
After some struggles, he made a decision to abandon the script he had written up to that point and build a whole new story.
"Kiiroi Sakebi (Yellow Cry)" is based on natural disasters.

Nakatsuru said, "Children in the affected area would draw a picture on the earth if there was no paper, and sing songs if there was no music. They would start playing house even if there was no tool. Even if there was a concern for tomorrow, or there wasn't a home to go back to, people cannot resist touching the art. "I believe that art is to live, and is the best act of regaining humanity."

In the past few years, natural disasters have been continuously occurring all over the world. We must think about the meaning of how people "live" like human beings.

○Excerpts from dramatic criticism at the premiere of April 2011
In this performance, problems and troubles of those adolescents formed a harmonious whole with the disasters they are facing, and now it makes us think about "What is to live? What is a disaster?"
Natural disasters and human disasters. Urban areas and depopulated areas.
Is there a "disparity of human lives" living there?
The reason why its writer and director Nakatsuru dared to present this performance with this theme at this time is that he wanted us to question ourselves about the truth of "East Japan great earthquake" and its reconstruction, using the depopulated city as a mirror.
His determination was firmly appearing on this performance.
The coherent and tight ensemble made me enjoy the performance 2 and half hours nonstop without tiring me. There is no word to describe this performance but stunning.
- Theater critic the late Mr. Ken Murai

○About Subtitle Tablets

For this performance, subtitle tablets are available to our foreign audience for better understanding. Subtitles of the dialog will appear simultaneously on the tablet.

Charge: Free
(There is a 1,000JPY insurance fee but will be refunded after tablet is returned) Available language: English

Please request at the lending booth on the day of performance. For reservations, please directly call the number under the "Contact" section on the "Site/ Ticket Information.
Website https://www.tomproject.com/freepage/kiiroi-sakebi.html
Appearance Tomoko Saito/Yusuke Harada/Taiki Yamazaki/Ben Nakajima/Junko Nagao/Taihei/Masaru Okada/Sotaro Ito/Suguru Adachi/Shota Tsujii
Staff Written and directed by Akihito Nakatsuru
Schedule <Date>
2019/3/20/ (Wed) 〜2019/3/26 (Tue)

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