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Traditional performance theatre restaurant SUIGIAN[Mar]

A new theater-style restaurant


2019/3/12/ (Tue) 〜2019/3/31 (Sun)



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Detail Located in the central Tokyo district of Nihonbashi, the Fukutoku Shrine has a long and distinguished history. Beneath the shrine grounds, an extraordinary world has suddenly appeared—SUIGIAN.
Here, dreamy banquets like you have never before experienced take place every day and night.
Transported back in time, guests are served delicious foods, sake wine, Japanese tea, and sweets from the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho periods while authentic traditional performing arts are presented on stage.
Treat yourself to a never-before experienced banquet of fresh new sensations to savor with the five senses.

Traditional performing arts
SUIGIAN presents Noh drama, Kyogen drama, Nihonbuyo dancing, and various other traditional performing arts performances on a daily basis. On this stage, representative schools of traditional Japanese performing arts give performances on alternating days. Here you can see performances by the five schools of Noh drama (Kanze-ryu, Hosho-ryu, Konparu-ryu, Kongo-ryu, and Kita-ryu), various schools of Noh musicians, two schools of Kyogen drama (Okura-ryu, Izumi-ryu), as well as Kyomai dance (Inoue-ryu), Nihonbuyo dance (Hanayagi-ru, Fujima-ryu), Ryukyu dance (Miyagi-ryu), Bunraku puppet theater, Gagaku ancient court music, and Ikenobo Ikebana flower arrangement. Even those who have had no previous experience with traditional performing arts can experience the magnificence of authentic traditional performing arts at SUIGIAN.

Culinary pleasures
SUIGIAN makes it possible to experience Japanese food culture through the five senses with a menu that features sushi by SUSHIEI, Japan’s oldest existing Edo-style sushi restaurant, Japanese tea by FUKUJIEN, a long-established Kyoto store that has been preserving Japanese tea culture for more than 200 years, and traditional sweets by OIMATSU and KAMESUEHIRO, long-established Kyoto confectionary stores. Alcoholic beverages have been selected by Mr. Takuro Tatsumi, an actor who is also famous as a food and wine connoisseur. We look forward to serving you from our carefully selected beverage menu featuring purely Japanese wines, sake wines and whiskies.
Traditional Japanese shitsurai (decor)
In the center of the restaurant, a stage measuring approx. 5.4 m2 has been erected, its impressive backdrop painted in the style of the famous Kano school. The restaurant interior also incorporates various elements of highly refined traditional performing arts that are Japan’s pride, creating a stylish and charming Japanese space. Décor also features antiques from the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho periods, while cuisine is served in and on lacquerware, serving trays, and other delicate yet gorgeous tableware. Forget the everyday and savor a time of relaxation in the Japanese space created by SUIGIAN’s décor.

Evening entertainment (Momokawa Lounge)
Taking the name of Momokawa, a renowned traditional-style restaurant that gained fame during the Edo period (1603-1868), after 20:30 the restaurant transformed into the “Momokawa Lounge”, taking a lounge style. The “Momokawa Lounge” is designed on the concept of a salon “where people of culture gather to enjoy intelligent conversation, discuss performing arts, and occasionally engage in stylish play”, providing a cultural space. Guests can enjoy lounge-time-only original ochazuke (rice in green tea) and other specially created à-la-carte dishes as well as alcoholic beverages from throughout Japan.
Website https://suigian.jp/en/
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2019/3/12/ (Tue) 〜2019/3/31 (Sun)

2019/03/15(Fri):7:15pm *There is demonstration at 6: 30-6: 35pm
2019/03/18(Mon):7:15pm *There is demonstration at 6: 30-6: 35pm
2019/03/27(Wed):7:15pm *There is demonstration at 6: 30-6: 35pm
2019/03/28(Thu):7:15pm *There is demonstration at 6: 30-6: 35pm
2019/03/29(Fri):7:15pm *There is demonstration at 6: 30-6: 35pm
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